[PART 1] What Is FatRat Tool and How To Install fatrat in kali linux For Hacking Any Android smartphone

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Hello friend you're warm welcome in this advance hacking blog.Now today i came here to share a wonderful technique with you by which you can easily take over on any android smartphone.Actually hacking android phone is quite tough task but thanks to kali linux operating which makes the hacking very easy.You can do almost anything by using simply kali linux because it have many feature and tools.There are more then 500+ tool available in kali os.

So very first you need to know some basic of the FatRat tool ,whar is this and how it will work,and how we can create backdoor for hacking any device.Actually FatRat is a very easy tool for generating the backdoor or payload.You can create a full undetectable (FUD) payload by using this tool so antivirus can not detect it as a virus.This tool very easily and smoothly bypass the security of any antivirus or any other security softwares.Ana the best thing of this tool is,your creating  payload by using this tool can execute on windows,linux,mac and android as well.And you can create a backdoor for windows,linux and mac very easily with this utility.

FatRat tool has some more advance feature like you can bind your payload with any exe file,apk file or any other zip and rar file so sending your payload to your victim become very easy because no one can understand that this is the payload and he/she can hack easily by your payload.


1. You have installed kali linux on your system
2. Having some basic knowledge of kali linux  [Don't worry if yoy don't know]
3. The downloading link of FatRat tool  [I'll  give it to you in below given step 2]
4. working internet connection.
5. A static IP address

That's it
So friends Now see how to configure this FatRat tool in kali linux.So follow below given steps carefully one by one.I'll try to provide you each and every steps very clearly.

Step By Step to Create Payload For Windows,MAC,Linux And Android OS   

Step:1) Very first you need to open your kali linux terminal and enter this command cd desktop/ for going to your desktop because in desktop you need to install FatRat tool.

Step:2) Now You need to download FatRat tool by executing this command in terminal window of kali linux -/desktop# git clone https://github.com/screensec/TheFatRat.git 
Note:In above given command the url is the location of FatRat tool.

Step:3) Now downloading of fatRat tool will start and after that you can see a fatRat file in your desktop,The size of this FatRat tool s approx 200mb so you need to wait for downloading it completely ,this is depend on your speed of internet connection. 

Step:4) Now again go to terminal window of kali and execute this command cd TheFatRat/

Step:5) Now a screen come after executing above command ,here you need to install this FatRat tool on your system so simply give this command chmod +x setup.sh and press enter button.After that give this command ./setup.sh and press enter button. 

Step:6) Now the installation process will start and it take few minutes to complete,after finishing it a popup will come asking for path selection ignore it by clicking on yes button.

Step:7) Now a screen will come having many option like create backdoor,create fud (fully undetectable backdoor),create auto listeners and many more option you will see there.Now here you need to first choose you are going to create the backdoor for which operating system ,i mean windows,linux or android .Now i assume that you are going to create the payload for android device the execute the associated number like 3 (Android is on third position among the rest option). 

So now friend that's  it for today,I think you will learn how to configure FatRat tool in kali linux and the basic of fatRat tool and working of it with kali linux .Now in my next post i'll tell how to create the payload for android,windows,mac and linux.And in that post i'll cover all the next steps which you will need to perform after step no. 7.Actually this is basic part of the title how to create the payload and generate the backdoor for android,window,Linux etc.

What You'll Learn In My Next Post?

1. Creating payload for android
2. Creating payload for windows
3. Creating payload for MAC
4. Creating payload for LINUX
5. How to bind the payload with any zip or rar file
6. How to create undetectable backdoor
7. How to send it to victim so they can't detect it.

UPDATE: you can read part 2 of this article by going to this link 
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What is idn homograph attack and create An Undetected Or Advance phishing link for facebook? 2017

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Hello guys welcome back here in this advance hacking blog where i always publish articles related to advance type of hacking which is used by many popular hackers.And don't think learning advance hacking is illegal because if you don't know actually what is hacking and how it will affect your life you can't know the ABC of advance hacking.

Now my today's article is for those guys who want to make an phishing link which is totally undetected by any type of antivirus or other security scanner tools or website.But before going to create this type of phishing link you need to know something basics of this hack.I think you already familiar with what is phishing attack and how it will work,here i am not going to tell you about phishing,you can read full article on it by going to this link

Suppose that if you are going to hack someone facebook account through phishing method ,you simply download phishing page and upload it on a free webhosting site and very easily you'll get your phishing link for facebook but one think you need to know that your phishing link looking like absolutely fake or because it'll look like faceboook.netme.ne.com etc or something like different .So if your victim is quite smart then you can't make him fool.

Now think if you are able to create an phishing link same as https://www.facebook.com then i can say 100% no one can determine it is a phishing link and very easily he/she will click on your link without having any suspicious thinking and the rest work you know how phishing link work and how you will get password.

So this all the things become possible by IDN attack or homograph attack ,now you need to know the basic of this attack.

What is IDN Homograph Technique?

Here idn stands for international domain name .Did you know guys you can register your domain not only in English but also in other languages available in the world?For example you can register your domain in Latin O,Greek O,Cyrilli O ,Chinees Laguage etc.And many of the character in these language exactly match with each other and no one can determine this is the English alphabet or  Latin o alphabet.So hackers simply use this technique and register the domain having the same character of different language.

Suppose If we are talking about English language ,You can't determine these two character I and l .The first latter is capital i and second latter is small L . So you can think that it become impossible to know that what is the reality.Below I'm giving you some more example for clear understanding.

original         fake

www.apple.com  and   www.apple.com
www.microsoft.com   and   www.rnicrosoft.com
www.google.com  and  www.google.com
www.facebook.com  and  www.facebook.com

Now simply determine the difference between original and fake one.If you don't notice then don't worry i m telling you ,in first example i use capital i instead of L ,in second example ise r and n instead of m , in third example i use capital i instead of L and in fourth example i use other language alphabet which look like same as the E latter of English. 

Now the time come to know how you can create this type of phishing link and how to register this type of domain in Unicode character.

Step By Step To Create An Advance Phishing Link Using Homograph Technique

Step:1) Very first decide you are going create an phishing link for which website,you can create it for any one line gmail,twitter,instagram etc But i am suppose that you are going to create phishing link for facebook.Okay simply open this site in your web browser https://www.irongeek.com/homoglyph-attack-generator.php

Step:2) After that simply enter the domain name of that website whose phishing link you want to create for example www.facebook.com

Step:3) Now you can see in the screen there are many similar character, you can choose any one or two similar character which are looking same as English alphabets.

Step:4) Now scroll down the screen and click on submit button.

Step:5) Here a new screen will come and you'll get the Unicode character of www.facebook.com which is located after the encoded lable to set up in dns 

Step:6) Okay if you are register the domain with this same uncode character domain name you'll get the same name which look like same as www.facebook.com but reality you know (This same looking character are of another language character).

Step:7) Now for making this phishing more powerful simply give it ssl certificate then now your phishing link will look like https://www.facebook.com (in https -s stands for secure).So no one can think this is a phishing link.

So friend this is the most powerfull method by which hackers create his phishing link and giving it a ssl certificate ,Did you know in this all process hackers need to pay approx 15$.

How to secure yourself from this IDN homograph attack?

Actually this type of attack is totally undetected,and there are no way to secure yourself from this hack but if you use your some mind you can determine it by going to ssl certificate icon in web browser when you open the suspected phishing link and check the ssl certificate clearly and you'll see the different name of this phishing domain but it is something technical so no one can check it that's why many of us hacked by hackers daily.

Many Browser company Like Mozilla Firefox,internet explorer,opera mini etc working on it and trying to solve this problem.And this type of attack is easily detected by the latest version of these two web browser (safari and chrome). Google and apple fixed this problem and prevent users from opening such type of site but not 100%, they can only show the Unicode character but the phishing link will open like before.

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Parrot VS Kali Linux 2017 And Which One Is Better For Learning Ethical Hacking?

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Hello guys warm welcome here,hope you are doing well.Now my today's topic is just for those people who want to know about which operating system is good for ethical hacking or pentesting service either kali or parrot .In this blog i'll try to provide you a brief discription about both the operating system( kali and parrot os).

Actualy This is very difficult for me to justify which one is good for you because both of them works like a charm and every person have own choice and the power of judging the things, and i am only the guider so i can tell you only how one is good and how second is less good,what is the  difference between them ..etc.If you're a beginner and trying to inhence or improve your tech skills then i think you will familiar about kali linux.Parrot security system is less popular then kali linux because the launch date of parrot security system is 2013 and kali is 2006.Did you know?kali is the advance version of backtrack team.It have almost all popular softwares or scripts which are usefull in doing some pentesting stuff or creating undetectable payload ,wifi sniffing,jamming etc.

Before talking about the best one , I'll want to give some intro about both of them one by one.

What is kali linux operating system?

it is very popular operating system for ethical hackers or penetration tester.It have many good tools (more then 500) which make this os more powerful.I think all of theme know about this kali linux who are trying to learn some hacking tricks like hacking facebook using kali,hacking wifi with kali beacuse it is very useful to do these type of task.So here i m not going to depth of kali because it is not our task I think you are aware about kali ,our task is to know which os is best either kali or parrot.

What Is Parrot Security System?

Parrot  security system is same as kali linux and it is debian based GNU/Linux distribution.Parrot os is released in 10 appril 2013 and developed by FrozenBox team.It is Basicaly designed for finding vulnerability,penetration testing,computer forensics etc.It is also useful to surf web anonymousily.

It is avalable in the lite version and full edition.If you want to use full feature of parrot security system then use full edition of this os.It have many advance feature like cryptography,anonymously online,forensics digital etc.

The best thing of this operating system is,it used the hardware resource less then kali linux so you can see the less lag and bugy in compare to kali linux.It is freely available for both architactures (32 bit or 64 bit).

Parrotsec vs kali linux which one is Best?

As i said in the begenning that it is very difficult to tell you what is better one for you.

Yes but i can tell you some intresting things about them so you will easily know which one is perfect for your pc.Both the os are same but in parrot os you will have some spacial feature in compare to kali linux.But you can install these extra feature in kali also but manualy one by one.Kali linux have not  some feature bydefault but parrot have for example wifiphisher is installed bydefault in parrot but not in kali linux.So many of these types of tool are not available in kali linux,you need to install these tools manualy in kali linux.

But if you want to know which one i reccomend you then my choice is kali linux because i m using this operating system from long time and i have some exeperiance about kali.But both the operating system have same terminal windows which is useful for executing commands line.

So if you are planning to install a hacker operating system then install kali in vmware player because it is simple to use.But the best thing is less hardware resources used by parrotsec os in compare to kali linux or other os that's why Parrotsec is faster and smoother then kali .
And if you want some more advance feature then you can install parrot security system.

Parrot have almost 100+ more tools then kali linux.So i suggest you use one operating system either kali or parrot but don't use both the operating system at the same time because you will get confused so better is choose one from them.And its true both are perfect for a learner who want to learn penetration or become ethical hacker.

So friends this is the simple post for latter i'll provide you how to install parrot security system in you computer .If you like this post please share it with your friends.Now this is your turn tell me which one is perfect for you either parrot or kali.

[Latest Phishing Hack] Hacking facebook Account By Creating Advance Phishing Link Full Guide Step By Step 2017

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Hello facebook hackers , In this post I'm going to teach you full detailed guide on facebook hacking by using phishing attack  method.Actualy phishing is very old method but still very popular method for getting anyone's facebook details like username and password.I think you will know or here something about phishing method in past days because day by day it is increasing.And you know this is the simplest method of hacking fb password.If you don't about phishing method don't worry here I'll tell you full detail of phishing methos in very simple language.

If you are thinking that my english is very simply then please understand my problem because many of my readers have less knowledge of english language that's why here i m using very simply english language for making this post understandable for everyone.Anyway letes start our facebook hacking tutorial so first you'll need to know that what is phishing attack and how you can use it for hack facebook account's password..

What Is Phishing Method  And What Is The Process Of Getting Facebook Credential ?    

Actually phishing is the way for stealing someone rare detail like password of any account.In this phishing attack method attackers simply create a clone or duplicate website of any website like facebook,gmail,twitter etc  which detail they want to  hack (Don't worry you'll know this later) .After creating the fake website which look like same as original one,attacker simply upload that website on any free or paid webhosting site (webhosting site means where the websites's page host for the people worldwide) and get the link from that webhost site.This link is called phishing link, remeber it.

Now attacker simply send this phishing link to the victim any how (through facebook,whatsapp,instagram,email etc).And when the victim click on that link a fake facebook login page will open on his/her mobile or desktop screen.And if victim enter the details like username and password on that fake facebook site and hit login button then His username and password will autmaticaly copied in the webhost account which the attacker allready create.

So this is the simple process of phishing password method.I hope you'll understand it .Later we'll know how you can create one full working phishing link for your own work ?,How you can create webhost account?,How to upload phishing page on that webhost website and How to get phishing link From webhost account ?

Difference Between My This Article And Others Articles On The Internet For Facebook Hack

I know dear everyone has their own views to present ideas or methods.Here i persionaly check all the written post on the internet for facebook hack but unfortunatly none of them work correctly,after following some post you'll see that your phshihing link is either suspend or delete permanently.

Also some people facing problem during uploading process of phishing pages.So in this post i cover all these type of errors and make this post more powerful and effective for everyone.After following this article you'll feel that realy wow. No account suspension,No extra afford in coding.Simple straight forward step by step detail.
Now lets begin our step by step tutorail on how to hack facebook account's password and username very easily.

How to get into facebook account in 2017 using phishing method

Now follow below given step by step guide ,if you face any problem in any steps please read it twice.Here in this post i m going to create a phishing link for mobile user (Either Android or iPhone).So i assuming here that your victim use facebook on mobile screen and in mobile screen facebook mobile version is supported.If you want to create a phishing for desktop user then you will need to make desktop version of facebook login page the phishing page.

Step:1) First of all you need to know that here I am not going to create the phishing pages because i will give you the download link directly for you.So simply you can download facebook mobile version phishing page by going to below given link.Its name is Newindex.htm (remember it)
Download NewIndex.htm

Step:2) Now for getting the password of victim after entering the detail on fake facebook login page by victim ,you'll need a php script ,so simply download this php script by going to this link .Its name is hack.php (remember it)

Download Hack.php

Step:3) Now you have two files index.htm and hack.php .Forget everything just you'll need these two files in next steps.

Step:4) Now you need to upload these two

phishing files (index.htm and hack.php) on the webhosting website.For making this fake facebook page (index.htm) available for everyone from all over the world ,we need a webhost account.So here i am going to use a free webhosting site 000webhost.com.

Creating the account on 000webhost.com and uploading the phishing files on it are bit tricky process.So Now here I am going to devide the further steps in two parts for your better understanding.

A . creating a webhosting account on 000webhost.com

B.  And then uploading our phishing files ( index.htm and hack.php) on 000webhost.com site

C. Getting password after sending the phishing link to vitim

A . Creating A Webhosting Account On 000webhost.com

Follow below given some steps for creating an account on 000webhost.com

Step:5) First of all go to 000webhost.com sign up page

Step:6) Now enter your detail like user name,email id and password and website name and hit on Get free hosting button.
Note: Password has the combinationation of numbers and charcter ie: yourname#12
Note: In website name use a unique name ie: faceboooks125  

Step:7) now check your email which you enter above ,A confirmation mail will come from 000webhost.com to your email id,so simply click on the confirmation link given in mail and  confirm Your account.

Step:8) After confirming your account simply login to your 000webhost.com account with your  email id and password which you enter during creating the account.

B . How to upload phishing files on 000webhost.com and generate phishing link ?

Step:9) Now after login ,you'll see a option "Jump to the website" above the screen , click on the ( + ) sign.

Step:10) Now a popup will come asking for website name and paasword .You can enter unique website name ie: faceboooks1234  and any password ie: yourname#123.Now after entering the detail click on create button.

Step:11) After that you'll see your website is successfully created.Simply scroll down  the screen ,here you'll get a option called manage website ,click on it.

Step:12) Now in this window you'll get a option called upload ,click on it.

Step:13) Now you will automaticaly redirect to file manager,here you will see a folder or directory called public_html ,right click on it and then click on open. (if you are using mobile device then long touch on public_html)

Step:14) Now here in this screen you'll need to click on upload icon which is situated on the above right corner.

Step:15) After clicking on upload icon you'll see a popup where you need to upload that phishing files (index.htm and hack.php) which you allready downloaded from step no. 1 & 2 . Select both the files and click on upload button.

Step:16) Now you have almost done! .After uploading the phishing files sucessfully you'll see the index.htm and hack.php files in the file manager under the public_html directory.Simply right click on index.htm file and click on view. (If you are using mobile then long touch on index.htm file)

Step:17) Now after clicking on view you will see the fake facebook login page.Simply see the url of that page which is given in the the web browser address bar.This url is your phishing link which you need to send to your victim whose account you want to hack.

C. Getting password after sending the phishing link to vitim

Step:18) Now  copy your phishing link and send it to your victim and when victim click on that link a fake facebook page will open on his mobile screen.And when the victim enter his detail like username and password of facebook account ,all the details automaticaly copied in a file called ajay.html which is located in the same location in 000webhost.com account where you upload the index.htm and hack.php files.

Step:19) Simply open that ajay.html file and see the username and password which is enter by your victim.

That's it guys ,this is the end of this detailed tutorial on facebook hacking method with using phishing method.If you face any problem in any step please read that step on more time.If you like this post please share it with your friend or socialize it on facebook.