Payoneer Affiliate program Review-How I Make $1025 By 'Refer A Friend' Program

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Hello friends ,I hope you're fine .In today's post i am going to share with you a great earning method by which you can earn unlimited money in USD Dollar.In this method you can earn 50$ easily by just sign up for payoneer account.I think you know about payoneer because it is a great way to send and receive money wildly.Payoneer is global payment service which allow receive payment and transfer payment in about all currency anywhere in world (Almost 200 country) . Every online marketers and freelancers must need a service for getting payment from online based company.So for them payoneer is the best choice because it deduct very less amount of fees for every transaction.And the best thing about payoneer is ,you will  need to give only approx 2.5$ if you are receiving 150$ from any company.Due to this service i can say about payoneer is that, it is a great alternative of PayPal and payza etc.

So in above paragraph ,you will have some idea about what is actually payoneer and what is its work and how it will work? Now come on the main point how you can earn money through payoneer.Why payoneer give 50$ for every new payoneer account(25$+25$/referal) and how you can earn huge ammount of money by just using payoneer service?In current time i'm able to earn 1025$ from payoneer very easily in two  month (Proof provided in below of the article).So lets continue and fill your pocket with dollars (LoL).

First How You Can Get 25$ FREE By Just Making An Account On Payoneer?

In Simple words payoneer want to provide its service to every of you.So they will give you 25$ by just making an account on payoneer with having some small term and condition.If you guys simply make an account on payoneer and any how read once more any how receiving  and sending minimum 100$ by using payoneer ,you will get 25$ bonus extra in your payoneer account.So if you receive 100$ from any source you will get 125$ in your payoneer account.Don't worry I also provide you how you can make more and more money with payoneer.So first get your 25$ easily and after that you'll learn how to earn 1000$ from payoneer affiliates.

I know recieving 100$ is not a big task for every of you because some of you are a great blogger and online marketers and also you have join many companies which send fund directly to your account.So why not you are enjoying this free money in simple way.
So read and follow below given some steps and earn 25 doller very easily.

Step:1) First of all you will need to make an account on payoneer ,so you can go here sign up for payoneer

Note: You can get your free 25$ if you are clicking on above given sign up link otherwise you get nothing.

Step:2) Now sign up form will come on your screen simply fill all appropriate information about yourself  ie: bank account no.,your name,date of birth,address etc. and hit sign up button.

Step:3) Now Payoneer will review your account for our security purpose ,and when payoneer think you are a genuine person ,the team will approve your account with in 1 hour of time.

Step:4) Now you have your own payoneer account ,so simply try to load or receive minimum  100$ any how.This is the main task dear,if you are not able to send and receive minimum 100$ then you can't get 25$ as bonus.

Bonus Trick: Simply says to your friend or family members that please send me 100$ through payoneer  I will return your money.So when your friend send you 100$ you will get extra 25$ then simply payoneer send this money to your bank account and then you can return his/her 100$ and save your 25$.(LOL)

In this way you can get 25$ easily by just using payoneer.Now i tell you how anyone can make lots of money using payoneer service.Also provide you some proof of income so you can motivate yourself to work hard.                                       

How I Earn $ 1025 From Payoneer By Just Refer It To Other Friends

Now dear the main theme will come for earning some handsome amount from payoneer.Yes you heard right ,payoneer is also providing us a great opportunity as the name of "Refer A Friend".So if you have some knowledge of social network like facebook,whatsapp,email marketing etc you can use your mind ,simply tell your friends or family member about payoneer.If they will click on your referral link and make an account on payoneer then your half work is complete now if your referral receive or send minimum 100$ any how then you and your referral both get 25$ as bonus,so basically payoneer provide 50$ (25$ is your +25$ is your referral member).

So use mathematics lets suppose you are able to convince 5 people daily then you can easily make 25 * 5 = 125$ ,this is a very good amount for every of you each day.So don't miss this opportunity.You can see in below screenshot ,my total referral are 105 and out of them only 41 referral is able to load or receive minimum of 100$ so ,due to these 41 referrals i earned 1025$ in two months ,and it take me two month to convince 41 referral through facebook,whatsapp,email,twitter etc.

How ever if you don't get above point then don't worry see below given steps ,here i will help you in any way because i want that you will earn more then me.Follow given steps and know how you can create your own referral link which you need to send.

Step:1) I think you already make an account on Payoneer if not simply sign up for payoneer.

Step:2) When you are in payoneer dashboard ,simply go to "activity" tab and then click on "Refer A Friend" .


Step:3) Here you will get your own referral link ,you just need to send this link to your friends or anyone and tell him/her for sign up for payoneer ,and also don't forget to tell about payoneer terms and condition of free 25$ which is recieving or sending minimum of 100$.

Step:4) And when your referral send or receive 100$ then automatically you get 25$ in your payoneer account and also 25$ credited in your friend's payoneer account. So in this way payoneer provide 50$ in total to its users.

I think you got everything related to payoneer 'refer a friend' program.If you have any doubt related to this program feel free mail me on this email id and i'll try to provide best answer for  your questions.

8 best methods to Get Someones Facebook Password easily new 2016-2017

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Facebook become very useful platform to chat with our friends .and its popularity increase day by day because of its tons of feature.Every budy wants to know the password of our friends or some one else so we  decide to search in google for how to hack facebook account and go towards many website but unfortunatly you are not able to hack facebook .Here I am going to show you 6 method for hacking facebook account with step by step procedure . Hacking into other peoples' Facebook accounts is an infringement on personal privacy, and should be avoided. Knowing how to break into someone's Facebook account, however, can help you learn how to protect your own. If the user has Login Approvals enabled (Facebook's two-factor authentication system), the only way you'll be able to access their account is if you have their mobile device as well.

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All possible methods for hack facebook account 2015-2016  

below i listed all useful method for facebook hacking by using them you can easily hack any facebook account ,this given method is not only for facebook you can also hack gmail,twitter, g+ instagram,etc

  • 1) How to hack facebook via Resetting the Password technique
  • 2)  How to do facebook hacking with Searching for a Password Document method
  • 3) how you can hack facebook account via Guessing the Password
  • 4)  hacking facebook with Phishing page attack method 
  • 5) hack facebook via desktop phishing attack technique
  • 6)  How to hack facebook using Man In The Middle Attack (MITM)
  • 7) how to hack facebook using keylogger method 
  • 8) hack facebook using data URI method

Note: Please be careful all knowledge provide here is for only learning purpose ,don't heart anybody from this type of hack we all are brothers and sisters.if you use this hack for bad purpose then i am not responsible for the action taken by inter-pole or any other . 

"Now discuss all above given method one by one "


#Method 1 : Resetting the Password

first of all you need to Obtain your target's  email address  to start the password reset process.

      step:2)  You'll likely also need to have three mutual friends who are willing to help you enter the account.or simply make 3 fake account on facebook and add them your victim trust friends list (this is your responsibility how you can add )

   step:3 )
when you clear above steps Open the Facebook login page. Log out if you are already logged in.

How to we Get Someones Facebook Password easily-6 METHOD    

step:4) Simply Click on the "Forgotten your password?" button.

Enter your target's Facebook login email address. Click "This is my account".
Click the "No longer have access to these?" button.
    step:7) you need to Enter in an email address that you control that isn't linked with your Facebook account.
    step:8) Try to answer the security question. If you can answer this question, you'll be able to change the password. If you can't answer the question, read on.

    step:9) Click "Recover your account with help from your friends" if you can't understand the security question.

How to we Get Someones Facebook Password easily-6 METHOD  
  step:10) After that select  three friends that you can trust to help you get into the account. Facebook will send an account recovery password to the friends that are selected. If you have mutual friends who are willing to help, you can have the password sent to them, and then they can send it to you.ask them for password .

How to we Get Someones Facebook Password easily-6 METHOD

step:11) Enter all three password  in the code field  , you'll be able to reset the password.

#Method 2 : Searching for a Password Document

step:1) you know  Many people save all of their passwords in a text document so that they don't have to remember all of them. If you're able to access your victim  computer, you may be able to find this file.if you think how search simply proceed to next step.

step:2) Genrally when you create any file using notepad or any other editer program ,The file save in documents folder under windows drive C ( drive C in my case ) .Check that file in  Documents folder. There's a good chance that if they did create a document with their passwords that it will be stored in the Documents folder. Search through the folder to see if you can find one. 

step:3) If you are not get that file in document folder ,Perform a search on the computer for "password", "login", or "accounts". This may help you track down a document that has been stored elsewhere on the computer.

How to we Get Someones Facebook Password easily-6 METHOD
    step:4) If above 2 tricks fails try another trick to find that file ( which store all password of victim ) .Check the Recent Documents. Open up the target's word processor and check the Recent Files list to see if the password document has been opened recently.

How to we Get Someones Facebook Password easily-6 METHOD

#Method 3: Guessing the Password

There are a few tricks to keep in mind when trying to guess a password. 

 The chance of getting success is only 10% .This trick work with only guessing. Many people build passwords off of important names and dates in their lives generally friends or boyfriends/girlfriends name . These could be pet names, birthday dates, house numbers, and more. If you know your target pretty well, try various combinations of important keywords and dates.


 If your friends or any other else use number in his/her password , it will usually be "1" or "2" and will typically be located at the end of the password.


  Women tend to use personal names, while men tend to use hobbies.



If the password has a capital letter in it, it will usually be the first character, followed by a vowel.

   TRICK: 5


Here I give you  some universal passwords. you know Tons of facebook user  use very basic passwords for their accounts so that they can easily  remember them . Try a few of these common passwords which given bellow.

  •         qwerty
  •         monkey
  •         letmein       
  •        baseball
  •        12345     
  •        123456
  •         12345678
  •         abc123
  •         dragon
  •         111111
  •         222222
  •         password
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#Method-4: Phishing attack

lets we are know that Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world,and hacking Facebook is very difficult or we can say impossible because the security of facebook server is  very high.but some attack make facebook hackable.Phishing is the method to hack the victim by creating a Fake Log in page and Uploading it to a web hosting site so when Victim enters his E-mail Id and Password we get it.Phishing is an old method of e-mail fraud that is used to gather personal and financial information from the recipients. 

According to Wikipedia, phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.Phishing is an example of a social engineering technique.

 continue reading full article on phishing attack

#Method-5:desktop phishing

you here again that phishing is such an act where hacker makes a duplicate page I must say login page of any website and in the login fields he makes some changings like he embeds a logger script in those login forum fields, thus as a result what you type
in those fields is logged and are pasted in a text file on that server where that phishing i-e duplicate page is hosted to fool you. 

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#method-6:Man In The Middle Attack 

In cryptography and computer security, a man-in-the-middle attack (often abbreviated to MITM, MitM, MIM, MiM or MITMA) is an attack where the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other. One example is active eavesdropping, in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them to make them believe they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker. The attacker must be able to intercept all relevant messages passing between the two victims and inject new ones. This is straightforward in many circumstances; for example, an attacker within reception range of an unencrypted Wi-Fi wireless access point, can insert himself as a man-in-the-middle.

first before going to start keep in mind this tutorial hacking facebook account using man in the middle attack is only for knowledge terms.please don't missuse this this tutorial I will demonstrate how to hacking Facebook using MITM,here MITM refers for man in the midlle i think you undersand . 

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Method-7: how to hack facebook using data uri technique

In this article we are going to use DATA URI technique for hack the victim's facebook account without suspending your webhosting account.In normal phishing we create two file one is facebook fake page and second is a php file .In general phishing attack we upload both of them files in webhosting site.but in this method which I am going to tell you you need to upload only php file in webhosting site not facebook html file . 

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 we will learn all about hacking with keylogger ,how to hacker inject any keylogger or virus in your computer for access your all important accounts.Sit relax and read full tutorial and believe me after studying this post you get lot of knowledge about keylogger.This post is not only for hack facebook via Keylogger also for Gmail account ,twitter account ,and every of those account which is used by your victim(whose computer or account you are going  to hack) If you are a regular visitor of this blog then you know very well i provide you many method for hack the facebook account,gmail account etc,

Continue reading full article on keylogger hacking

I hope you enjoy this article,If you like it please share it with your friends or your love's one.If I miss something here  you are free to suggest me by using comment box bellow .simply put your comment in comment box.
Thank you readers . 

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ADB/USB Drivers set Up kaise karen: FOR ANDROID in hindi

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hello friends aj ham apko batane ja rahen hain ADB/USB Drivers ka set up kaise karen.
Sabse pahle ADB/USB Drivers hai kya ye sirf android debuge bridge hai.
Ab bat ati hai ki iska use kya hai ye ek medium hai jahan ham koi chiz ek jagah se dusri jagah share karte hain ye bahut hi useful hai ye bahut acha medium hai kuchh bhi share karne ka aur ye android main use hota hai waise bhi aur bhi kai drivers hain par ye sabse useful driver hai jab ap isko use karenge to ap bahut hi asani se jan jayenge ki ap iska kaise use kar skte hain aur ap iske use par bahut acha feel karenge bakai ye bahut usefull driver hai bahut se android user to isko use karna hi nahin jante hain lekin ap isko jan sakenge aur ye ham apko batayenge ki kaise karna ham apko itne asan tarike se batayenge ki ap asani se isko use kar sakenge.

Yahan ham apko batayenge ki ap ye kaise kar sakte hain ye karne ke liye bas apko kuchh step karni hai yahan ham apko total guide karenge ki ap kaise ADB ka setup karen.
Waise to ye simple task nahin hai par ham jab apko batayenge to apko bahut hi simple lagega bas apko bahut hi carefully padna hai.

Aur is USB drivers ki jarurat kya hoti iski jarurat ye hoti hai jab ap apne android smartphones ko kisi laptop aur mac ya kisi PC se jodte hain tab iski bahut jarurat hoti hai aur ye driver bahut jaruri hai jab apko apne device ko root karna hota hai tab isi driver ki jarurat padti hai ab to ap samajh hi gaye honge ki ye kitna usefull hai isliye hi maine ye article likha hai taki apko bhi isse related knowledge ho sake ye really bahut usefull driver hai jab bhi apka apna smartphone root karna hota hai to iski jarurat padti ab ham apko batane wale hain ki ap isko install kaise karen bas ap isko carefully study karna waise ham apko itne symple method se batayenge ki apko kahin  bhi problem nahin hogi hindi main article likhne ka mera maksad hi yahi hai so ab ham apko batane ja rahe hain.


1. Sabse pahle apko google chrome open karna hai aur uske bad main usse ANDROID SDK software download karna (apko exe version download karna hai)

2. Jab ap isko simply download kar lete hain to isko is location par save karen c:\android-sdk\

3.  Iske bad ap SDK Manager ke full packages ko install kar len

ab ap android SDK Tools check on karen

Android SDK Platform Tools

Google USB Driver package,RevisionXX(XX-highest number)

4. Ap in instructions ko jab tak follow karte rahen jab tak apka packages installed nahin ho jata hai

5.  Iske bad ap debugging on kar den

Follow Setting>>>Applications>>>development
Follow Setting>>>Developer options (Ice Cream Sandwich useres)

6.  Ab ap apne phone ko USB cable se joden aur drivers ko install karen

7. Uske bad click karen  ap windows file explorer>>>C drive>>>android-sdk folder>>>plateform tools

Iske bad ap shift key ko blank yani khali area par thodi der tak hold karen yani rok kar rakhen

Ab ap ek command window ko open karen

Command prompt with "c:\android-sdk\platform-tools\"

NOTE: Ye command windows XP main work nahin karti hain
Open via start>>>Run>>>cmd aur enter karen

8. Ab command prompt main ye type karen "adb device" aur enter karen

Agar apka phone ka serial number pops up,tab ap drivers ko manually install kar len jaruri nahin hai ki automaticly hi karna ap agar dekhte hain ki waise install nahin ho raha hai to ap manually install kar len ham apko har wo tarika batayenge jisse apko asan lage aur hona bhi yahi chahiye ki hamesh ek second option rakhna chahiye.

Ab ap age ke section main aur dekhen........


1.Sabse pahle ap PDANet download karen aur uske bad ADB drivers ko install karen
ab age di hui steps ko follow karen aur bilkul simple tarike se ap isko kar sakte hain

2. sabse pahle apko jarurat hai apne drivers ko download karen apne phone ke liye iske bad apne PC par device manager par click karen aur apna smartphone search karen aur us par click karen

Properties>>>Update driver>>>Brouse>>>Let me pick>>>Computer>>>Have disk>>>Browse>>>Select the drivers jo apne download kiya hai

root my android
(OPTIONAL) REINSTALL DRIVERS ( Aisa ap tab karen jab apka apka drivers sahi install nahin ho paya ho)

3. Ab apko jarurat hoti hai USBDeview ki jo apne download kiya hai

4. Ab ap apne phone ko plugged in karen iske bad USBDeviw par click karen aur manufactacturer list ko short karen isme sare android drivers ko find karen aur phir unko delete kar den

5.Jab ap ye delete kar len phir phone ko unplug kar den iske bad wapas usko USB cable se plug kar den ya jod den

6. Ab jo bhi correct version hai apke android drivers ka wo automaticly istalled ho jayega

7.  Click start menu>>>Devices>>>Android Phone
Hardware tab>>>list of drivers (TYPE) Is tarah ka

Ab jo bhi maine apko bataya hai step by step wo ap follow karte rahenge to ap asani se drivers ko install kar lenge automaticly and manually hamne apko dono tarike se guide kiya jaisa apko asan lage ap waise kar sakte hain   ,Aur ye apke phone ke liye technically bahut important hai ajkal kai aise log hote hain jinke smartphone PC se nahin jod pate hain uska yahi reason hota hai unke main yahi drivers install nahin hota hai.
Agar apko phir bhi koi problem hoti hai to comment box comment karen ham apko aur bhi acche aur symple method se bata denge jisse ap asani se isko install kar lenge
  *************THANK YOU FOR VISIT**************** 


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Hello friends aj main apko batane ja raha hun ki ap kaise apna processor name change kar sakte hain hamesha ke liye.Ye bahut asan hai ham apko batayenge ki apko ye kaise change karna hai. Aksar hota ye hai ki ham kuch chizen ek jaisi dekh kar aur karte karte bore ho jate hain aur ham chahte hain ki ab na apne is system se bore ho gaya hun ab bas naya le len tabhi acha lagega so dont worry apko naya lene ki jarurat bhi nahin padegi aur apka system naye jaisa work bhi karega aur apka processor name bhi change ho jayega jo apko ek naye system jaisi feel karayega aur ap bore bhi nahin honge waise to ap agar google par sirf itna hi search karenge ki "how to change our processor name" to lagbhag apke samne bahut sari website khul kar ajayengi aur ap dekhen to usme aur hamari website main bas thoda sa fark hai ham apko step wise aisa batayenge ki ap agar computer bhi thoda sa bhi jante hain to bhi ap asani se wo sab kam kar lenge jo ek software engineer karta hai aur jo other website hongi wo apko aisa batayengi ki ap kuchh samjhenge aur kuch nahin kyonki doston ham india main rahte hain aur sabse jyada hindi jante hain to jo bat ham log hindi main bahtar tarike se samajh jayenge wo kisi aur language main asani se nahin jan payenge mera bas maksad itna hai ki jab other country yani dusre desh ke log jitna jyada computer ke bare main jante hain usse jyada hamare INDIA ke log jane balki ham unse har mamle main age hain aur jisme nahin hai to usme bhi ho jayen kyonki main to jitna bhi thoda bahut janta hun utna to apko bataunga hi uske sath sath age bhi jo bhi padunga ya janunga wo apse jarur share karunga kyonki hamare INDIA main to ye hamesha se kaha jata hai ki gyan bantne se badta hai aur ye sach bhi hai jab ham apko batayenge to ham usme aur janenge aur phir ap bhi hame batayenge ham sach kahen ham kuch bhi nahin jante hain bas thoda bahut jo bhi jante hain wo apko sab kuch batayenge aur ap ache se utna hi nahin janenge usse bhi kahin jyada janenge waise hame apne maksad par ana chahiye ki ham apko bata rahe the ki ap kaise apna processor name change karen jisse apko apne naye system jaisi feeling aye aur ap us par kam karte huye boring feel na karen to doston ham apko har bat step wise batate jayenge aur ap unko follow karte jana aur ap asani se ye sikh jayenge ki ap apna processor name kaise change karen aur jab ap aisa karna sikh jayenge uske bad ap jo hain apne doston main famous hone wale hain aur ham sirf iske bare main hi nahin apko aur bhi itna batayenge jisse apka system apki ungliyon ke ishare se work karega to phir dekhiye ye apko kaise karna hai wo dekhiye.


Par doston isme ek kami bhi hai jab ap apne processor ka name change kar lenge tab to ye ho jayega usme koi problem nahin hogi problem to ye hai ki jab bhi ap windows open kiya karenge to har bar apse system ye manga karega ki "update the processor name and register string key"lekin agar ap isko screen se hata denge to koi probelem  nahi  hogi jaisa maine apse wada kiya hai apka system usse bhi acha work karega but start karne par bas thoda sa aisa hi aya karega.


Ye bilkul asan hai ap bhi kar sakenge bas apko kuch steps follow karna hai.
Ab hame point par ana chahiye time ko waist nahin karna chahiye ham apko itne asan tarike se samjhayenge ki ap asani se ise kar sakenge waise ye itna asan nahin hai par ham apko ek ek point step by step samjhayenge ap usko karte jayenge wo apne ho jayega aur phir ap hamesha ke liye ye sikh jayenge ki ye kaise karte hain.ab dekhiye ap ye kaise karenge.

Step:1  Sabse pahle to ap notepad open kijiye.

Step:2  Notepad open karne ke ap is code ko notepad main paste karen jo niche diya gaya hai

Windows Register Editer Version 5.00

"ProcessorNameString"="My Processor name 50000MHz"

Note:Processor name change karne ke bad ye wala part edit karen jo inverted comma main diya hua hai.
\0 jo ye code upar diya hua aur apka processor name ki location windows store main dikhti hai phir uske bad Registry Editer aur navigate ko open karen aur di hui key ko check karen aur agar usme key hai to isko usme na joden \0.

Step:2  Iske bad ap asani se file ko save karne ke bad file menu par click karen uske bad save as par click karen aur "All Types"option par click karen .Phir iske bad save the file as ap asani se picture se dekhen)
Step:4  Iske bad ap apne desktop par ek shortcut banaye.Enter regedit/S"Location of the .reg file" item ki location par example keliye enter regedit/S"C:\Processor Name.reg" yadi apki registry file root C:\ drive main locate karti hai.

Step:5  Iske bad jo apne shortcut file banayi thi usko copy karen aur jo niche ham bata rahen hain us folder main paste karen
  • C:\Document and Setting\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup(ye sirf unke liye hai jo Windows XP use karte hain)

  • C:\Users\User-Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup( ye unke liye hai jo WINDOWS 8,WINDOWS 7 Ya WINDOWS VISTA USE karte hain)
1- Hamesha ye yaad rakhna hai ki jo AppData folder hain wo ek hidden folder hai.
2-Aur C: apka system drive hai.
Iske bad ap jab bhi windows starts karenge ye hamesha apko dikhayega ki apka processor name permanently ke liye change ho gya hai.Phir bas apko itna karna hai ki itna sab kuch karne ke bad apne system ko restart kr den phir uske bad ye apko permanantly ke liye apka processor name change dikhayega aur ab ap iska enjoy kar sakte hain ab bas ready hai apka bilkul neet and clean processor aur ab jab bhi koi bhi apka friend isko use karega ya ap use karenge to ap jaisa new laye the same waisi hi feelings layega aur isse ap apne friends ke bich bhi famous hone wale hain kyonki ye work normally kisi ko nahin ata hai aur aur bas us time to ye apko akele hi ata hoga to bas jo ap kar sakte hain wo usko nahin kar sakte hain aur sirf yahi nahin ham apko computer ke bare main itna kuchh bata denge ki sirf aur sirf ap in article ko pad kar yani study krke hi bahut kuch jan jayenge

so friends agar hamare article apko pasand aye hon to inko like and share jarur karen jisse apki bhi help ho gyi hai aur ab ap hamari help kar dengen.

in the last thank you so much friends mere article ko study karne ke liye aur hamari site par visit karne ke liye.